Fendi BY THE WAY Red Calfskin Eye Decoration Mini Boston Tote Bag



Today, Gege wants to talk about the Fendi 2016 autumn and winter flower bag series By the way, presumably everyone has seen it in the major fashion media and star bags, today to talk about Replica Fendi Handbags three-dimensional flowers, although the embellishment is slightly exaggerated, a bit It’s cumbersome, ~~ But people who like it like it. The most special one is of course the wide shoulder strap of the flower spread. It’s so beautiful to see the belt. It’s so good to read, this year’s super popular wide shoulder strap!

The old Buddha who worships Gege will never let you fatigue, and the surprise for us this time is full. From this season’s main leather stacks of “lace” and round hole hollow elements to three-dimensional flowers, this season’s Replica Fendi Bags woman is both handsome and romantic to the bone marrow. Especially for three-dimensional flowers, the mosaic is used, so that the flowers are three-dimensionally open on each bag. It is completely a real flower feeling, just like your bag is like a beautiful boutique, wherever you go, it’s beautiful. charming.

Replica Fendi Handbags

This season, the Replica Fendi Handbags flower series By the way combines modern colors, flowing lines, timeless embroidery, flowers, plants, sky elements and classic fur stitching. It tells a feminine feminine and bold visual feast. It is Gege who likes it very much, and most of the beautiful women like it very much. Because women are like flowers and women love flowers, it is a matter of righteousness. So, Gegedo gives you some pictures of the new trend fronts. Everyone feels the flower kingdom in fashionable music. Bringing the warmth of Gege fans.

Replica Fendi Handbags

Fendi’s bag FENDI BY THE WAY Red Calfskin Eye Decoration Mini Boston Tote Bag, always makes people feel happy. At first glance, I feel that there is nothing, but the longer I look at it, the longer I have to back. The more I feel that this bag will look so good, it is the kind of “second-eye beauty” that we always say.

Since Replica Fendi Bags by the way, this bag appeared on the fall/winter 2014 platform, I feel that this bag will be able to fire soon. Because it is full of three-dimensional shape, full body, but it is very clean and neat on the line, it is really pleasing. You see, regardless of the stars, the fashions, the good-looking, the good-looking ones, the whole ones have not been finished, they all like Fendi by the way.

Replica Fendi Handbags

Looking at the small, the capacity is really amazing, charging treasure + iphone + air cushion bb + lipstick + card replica bag tote + key, in short, special can be installed. If it rains or goes out to play wild, I will definitely take it out that day. After two years of exercise, I just throw it away (on the ground, on the lawn). At present, it only has four corners that are a little faded (normal phenomenon). Still very good.

Replica Fendi Handbags

Considering whether you want to enter a trumpet next time (a big lap than this one), the slash is not as good as the mini, but the capacity is even more amazing. The tag can be engraved, and FN is the last two words of your name. Listening to books can also be engraved in China. There is also a bag that is really low-key and simple in design. The two bags next to the zipper can be used for handcuffs.