Replica Balenciaga Hourglass Bag

Balenciaga’s items in recent years have always been in a young and popular street style. Everyone’s impression of his classic it bag seems to remain on the motorcycle bag of the last century. Of course, creative director Demna Gvasalia also wants to keep his own it bag design. This HOURGLASS hourglass handbag is a very unique existence in the Replica Balenciaga Handbags series.

The shape of classic handbags is generally square, because such bags will not be out of date easily, such as CHANEL2.55, CELINE’s CLASSIC BOX. However, Replica Balenciaga Bags classic hourglass handbags are a little rebellious. Under the square frame, a little unruly arc is a different existence in the classic design.

The HOURGLASS hourglass handbag design pays homage to the classic part is very clever, the bag shape is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, which is the Basque-Waist line created by the founder of the brand, tailoring master Cristóbal Replica Balenciaga Handbags.

Basque-Waist-style cutting lines, which have been used in ready-to-wear design before, this time Demna Gvasalia put it on the handbag, giving this bag a classic precipitation.
Now Balenciaga will never do things according to the rules, even the classic style of HOURGLASS, but also add some small rebellious elements.

The HOURGLASS handbag is not the flat bottom of the ordinary bag. The arched arc design inspired by the Eiffel Tower makes this bag unique among the classics.

The new “B” logo design Balenciaga has made adjustments to the brand’s logo before, the font is narrowed and elongated, and the appearance of the logo design on the single product has become more and more street-like.

Compared with the brand’s full spelling logo, the newly designed “B” logo is closer to the classic simplicity, and the texture of the metal cutting words is very advanced. The whole handbag has no other brand logo except this letter, but it is enough to prove it. The brand behind it is Replica Balenciaga Bags.

HOURGLASS hourglass handbags take magazines and concave shapes, and the sense of luxury will come soon. Well-known fashion magazines will use this bag to make fashionable shapes. Commuting and daily use are basically stress-free. Hailey Bieber is a huge fan of this bag, whether it’s a sporty, personal or stylish match, the HOURGLASS hourglass bag will always be worn on the body.

Pair it with a small suit and jeans every day for the most fashionable commuter match. The Barbie LISA in the world also uses the simplest casual look to match the HOURGLASS hourglass handbag.
With a skirt, it will not destroy the elegant atmosphere and feeling, Replica Balenciaga Bag can also wear a look with perfect temperament.

The chic metal buckle can also be paired with accessories of the same color, so that every detail reveals a casual sophistication. You may be worried that you can’t hold the street-style Balenciaga, but this classic and a little personal handbag is not exaggerated at all for daily collocation.