Replica Christian Dior PRE-OWNED Saddle Waist Bag



What kind of bags do fashionable women like? They are usually special, and they must be the newest ones, which can attract the attention of many people. Recently, there is a feel for a fashionable lady in a bag. That’s Dai Fei’s latest it bag, Replica Dior Handbags Saddle.

CHRISTIAN DIOR PRE-OWNED Saddle Waist Bag, a bag with a memorable shape, was really all the rage in the past few years, and now it quickly became popular as soon as it came back, once again becoming a hot spot in the fashion circle Single product. And the Replica Dior Bags presbyopia also resurrected!

Replica Christian Dior Handbags

So it is a very old but trendy it bag. Some people think it is elegant and dignified, some people think it is more mature, some people are extremely enamored with this bag, but some people can not help I would ask, is it really worth starting with such a comeback? And released on the Replica Dior Handbags 2000 spring and summer ready-to-wear show. It’s been a long time since its birth! Including me, many packets of powder at that time should still be children.

Replica Christian Dior Handbags

Beyonc√© and Paris Hilton have both carried it, and for the celebrities at the forefront of this time, this bag is a must. If at that time there was also a “explosion”, Replica Dior Bags Saddle is a well-deserved It Bag!

Many expensive things in Europe are related to horses. The shape of the DIOR saddle bag should be regarded as no one before, and almost the same as the real saddle. Not only for Replica Dior Handbag, but also for the entire fashion industry at the time, this bag is definitely a bold and avant-garde design, which is of great significance in the times!

Replica Christian Dior Handbags

In addition to the strange bag type, the metal decoration on the bag body is also very domineering, making people remember it. The big Replica Dior Bag initial letter D hangs on the cover; the connection between the shoulder strap and the bag body is a huge CD-shaped metal connection, with a sense of exquisiteness in the exaggeration, very aura.

In fact, Replica Dior Handbag not only returned this saddle bag, but even the classic old flower has also revived!
Among the many designs, the most classic is the Oblique old flower. I have previously introduced to you that the Oblique pattern is actually much earlier than the birth of the saddle bag. It was designed by Marc Bohan as the brand’s artistic director in the 1970s. So at that time, the Saddle Bag printed on Oblique canvas was also a fashionable and retro bag.

Replica Christian Dior Handbags

In addition to the classic Oblique canvas print, the saddle bag has also launched a variety of different colors! From elegant to street, from rough and tough to soft and delicate, the colors of various styles are countless! In fact, for me personally, Replica Dior Bag Saddle really can’t hold a bag in my heart.