Replica Goyard Goyardine Plumet Bag Clutch Burgundy

There is a very special presence in the new model that completely attracted my attention, it is the Aligre II handbag. The material uses a very special combination of raffia net, iconic Replica Goyard Bag canvas and beech wood.

The design inspiration of the Replica Goyard Handbag always seems to be very interesting. The design of the special edition Saint Louis bag is inspired by an architectural technique that can make the structure of the object brighter through light transmission.

The leather lining makes the bag look more textured, and like Saint Louis, it has an inner pocket connected to the handle, and the snap button design is also convenient and practical. However, because the canvas material is very tough, and the bag itself has edges and corners, it is more difficult to turn it over, worrying that the hand will hurt the skin if it is too heavy.

Replica Goyard Bag

Look carefully, its inner bag has a very delicate look. The intimate & interesting Replica Goyard Bag designed an inner bag version 2.0-Plumet handbag last year, inspired by the main inner bag. This lightweight small bag is really in line with the current fashion trend. It can be said that it is fashion itself diagonally across the back or on the chest.

Plumet’s shoulder strap is also detachable. After removal, it is a multi-functional mini handbag with a secure zipper pocket and multiple card slots. It currently has five colors: yellow, orange, and blue. My favorite is the classic dark brown, which has a light sense of luxury on the upper body.

There is also a small square bag in this portable bag that has been very popular in the past two years. Yes, I know that Wu Yifan is a Replica Goyard Handbag fan, so I am Fanfan fan, so this bag has been noticed since last year.

Replica Goyard Bag

The bag is very eye-catching, and Fanfan’s temperament is inexplicably matched with Replica Goyard Handbags. This bag doesn’t actually have any shape, it’s simple, but I just like it. You can carry it any way you want, and don’t worry about how to match it.

This bag is very popular among young people now. The bag is light enough and can hold it. The usage rate is very high. You can carry it around the world. Which one do you like with so many colors? Among the bags based on Saint Louis, a new vertical version of Saint louis was also launched this year, named Poitiers. Its design was inspired by the picnic stool tote bag in Replica Goyard Handbags historical archives. To me, it is Saint Louis with two sides cut off.

Replica Goyard Bag

Those who like this kind of big bag can also choose the Belharra beach bag, which uses unbleached linen and cotton on the front and Goyard canvas on the back. If you are an office worker who needs to bring a laptop to go out, then this year’s Electra is for you. The stiff bag body and the playful design with wave patterns in the center of the bag make the original formal bag look lively.