Replica Mulberry Leighton Small Shoulder Bag Tote



MULBERRY Leighton Small Shoulder Bag Tote Good retro design, classic equestrian lock, leather workmanship are very good. There are two sizes of leather, grained leather and smooth leather. It can be carried by hand, and there are two types of shoulder and back, with large capacity. After leaving the altar for a long time, Replica Mulberry Handbags production has always been good, but it is not tepid, and it looks a little distressing. The recently released Leighton Bag is super beautiful in a large new bag.

There are not many fire bags this year, but you have to know these 9! The color is also black, yellow, brown, this classic wild color is not easily outdated. There are not many fire bags this year, but you have to know these 9! The classic Boston bag type, with the two sides of the bag closed inward, highlights the soft and waxy feel of the leather, the delicate circle buckle is placed in the middle, and the chain shoulder strap adds a feminine feel. The trumpet is in his early 1W, and the price is very high.

When I mention it, it will collapse a bit, it feels very casual, and it is very retro! And this bag is especially capable of loading and has a large capacity. Seeing that many bloggers pay for this bag, whether it is a girl wearing or commuting outfit, it is very in line with this bag. Even if it is a dress with a little dress design, holding it will not be too casual. New York blogger Lainy Hedaya did just that.

Mix and match, this bag can completely calm the scene. The large size is not very exaggerated, it is suitable to wear a sleeve Oversized to carry it, and it will be super popular in the second half of the year. In the autumn and winter 2018 series, Replica Mulberry Bags inspired and inspired the Mulberry girl to design and launch a new Leighton handbag.

Leighton handbags are available in classic and small sizes. The new outline is made of soft leather, full of lazy modern flavor. In the new season, the accessories series is filled with talented femininity, and Leighton’s triple bag perfectly echoes this theme, showing a variety of attitudes and multiple aesthetics.

The autumn Leighton replica handbags are presented in dark brown, coral red and dark amber. The calm colors and dynamic bright colors continue the colors and prints of the autumn and winter clothing series. The winter hues of vibrant lavender blue, heather purple, and rust orange, combined with pearl accessories or delicate embroidery patterns, give the handbag a sophisticated and stylish silhouette and a delicate hand touch.

Leighton handbags are embellished with the new Replica Mulberry Handbags hardware logo-equestrian locks. The equestrian lock is inspired by Mulberry’s classic postman’s lock, adding a new color to Mulberry’s history. The shape of the bag is renewed by the lock opening and closing, which also gives Leighton handbags more fresh interest and playful color.

The Leighton handbag elegantly interprets the interpretation of femininity by Replica Mulberry Bags creative director Johnny Coca: expertise, avant-garde thinking, love of life, ancient spirits, and find a balance among these diverse roles.