Replica Saint Laurent Lou Leather Crossbody Bag Tote



Maybe you still don’t know, Loulou, but the inspiration of the Replica Saint Laurent designer, was fancy by Yves Saint Laurent. At that time, there was always a woman with a cigarette in the Replica Saint Laurent poster, wearing a classic image of a suit. At the same time, the charm of Parisian women who are intoxicated is vividly displayed. Now Replica Saint Laurent Handbags has a series of her name, and also pay tribute to this inspiration muse!

The Yves Saint Laurent loulou collection has two bag styles, one is a chain envelope bag, which looks similar to the Replica Saint Laurent Bags messenger bag. However, this bag has a feature, the style design is slightly thicker, maybe the size of the bag itself is small, it is thick, so people feel chubby, cute! The leather hand is very soft, and the leather is smooth and delicate, and the stitching pattern gives the effect of bread-like bulging.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

The Replica Saint Laurent Handbags loulou envelope flap bag also has a star badge, which is quite special. The other is the SAINT LAURENT Lou Leather Crossbody Bag Tote. It is rare to see this small tote bag. The practicality and matching effect are excellent! However, both are chain bags, and the chic Replica Saint Laurent logo, as well as the stitch pattern, are also a tone.

This kind of bag is very suitable for casual dressing, but also can match the taste of a handsome woman, Yang Mi likes this Replica Saint Laurent Bags LOULOU bag. Put on a bright blue suit, the young and handsome image stands out, and the refreshing bright color can play a good age-reducing effect.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

The compact chain bag is very stylish, with beautiful dresses, small white dresses, and a variety of cool summer clothes. And there are many matching methods, you can shoulder, you can squat, have a small belly, flesh on the waist, you can also use it to block.

The practical Replica Saint Laurent Handbag LOULOU Tote bag gives the designer a surprise in matching! In addition to two shoulder straps that can be carried with a single shoulder. Also generously presented with a long shoulder strap that can adjust the length of the shoulder strap. Women often get tired of the big bag shoulders are stumbling on the body, the pain is so hard to throw away and reluctant. However, the Replica Saint Laurent LOULOU bag like bread, which is soft on the body, is very comfortable.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

It can be hand-held, or it can be lifted by arms or shoulder-to-shoulder, which seems to be more women. Wear a long shoulder strap when you relax your hands and go shopping. Replica Saint Laurent Bag LOULOU envelopes are designed with exterior and interior design, materials and handcrafted details.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

The shoulder strap can be disassembled, the ancient silver hardware details, the Replica Saint Laurent Bag logo on the top, the low-key handsome style Replica Saint Laurent bag, is a dark horse of French luxury goods, the new series shows the sense of vividness, also reflects the brand connotation. The choice of Replica Saint Laurent LOULOU series will not regret, the style is low-key, practicality and matching clothes have many advantages, especially the delicate and delicate hand-crafted details can be regarded as a model of luxury brands.