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Replica Saint Laurent Handbags was founded in Paris in 1962. Their home design is both avant-garde and classical, good at art, culture and other elements into the design. As he had said the phrase “elegant is not on the clothing, but in the look.” Although the brand name has now changed Saint Laurent Paris, but YSL elegant look and the positioning of the brand will never be changed. Take a look at their home with a high rate of appearance of the replica bag tote.

Tasse l Monogram: This year’s fashion circle blowing small small replica bag tote wind, Saint Laurent elegant to join this boom. In the traditional handbag with elegant gold fine chain. Clutch turned into a mini bag that can be diagonally crossed. If you do not want to hatch, the chain of income replica bag tote, as a hand bag is also not a bad idea.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

Replica Saint Laurent handbags Clutch: Saint Laurent Cassandre Clutch Bag Pink Golden Y-shaped buckle, with a variety of personality color, it has become a number of street shoot people and stars favorite. For the handbag, if the material is too soft or the replica bag tote is too flat, a little bit of things will be very difficult to highlight the highlights, but these problems are easy to understand Y button handbag. Large capacity design, put down the phone and carry makeup items more than enough.YSL with its capable appearance and classic Y word logo enjoys popular support, Replica Saint Laurent Bags spring and summer new bag landing, cool color will let you put it down. Large-capacity handbags so that urban women can be free in the replica bag tote into their own needs, the design of the bag itself also continued the letter Y’s classic pattern.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

Replica Saint Laurent Bags Sac De Jour: Sac du jour French literal translation for English is bag of the day, four square appearance, looks capable atmosphere and strong. Hollywood actress from Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley almost one hand.Blake – Leverly rush “Gossip Girl” when it is wearing a green coat with leggings boots and printing scarves, carrying blue YSL handbags. Tidal mother Miranda can be carrying a lake blue handbag, filling the elegant and generous women, this bag is a lot of actress love, is simply the street shoot must.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags
YSL handbag series has always let fans love, each launch of the new series oath will occupy the first five positions on wishlist. The latest debut CHARMS collection on the elegant and playful posture, once again become your other favorite.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

Saint Laurent Duffle: Duffle is the designer Hedi Slimane into the main Saint Laurent personally designed for the brand’s first handbag, its profile simple low-key, very large practical capacity is very strong. Duffle is based on the length of time for the naming rules, divided into 6hour, 12hour, 24hour and 48hour four different sizes.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

Saint Laurent lulu, the name of this bag is called “Lulu”, the biggest feature is the replica bag tote with two letters “U” superimposed together.The name comes from the Yves Saint Laurent in 1967 to create the cartoon image “La Vilaine Lulu” The Lulu bag there is a small partner called “Lulu Bunny”, Bunny bag buckle is a square, and some models will have hairy decoration, very temperament!The series used batik calfskin to show a strong texture effect, hidden in the leather under the surface of the mystery, the YSL rope texture and ornamental patterns one by one embossed on the leather surface, to meet the peeping state of mind, also Gave the series a faint mystery taste. The whole CHARMS collection has a different choice, ranging from open cosmetic bags and small handbags, as well as practical tote bag are readily available. While the color, there are low-key taupe and bright pink and orange for choice, is definitely given to others or for their own use or collection must buy item.